A Guide to: Home Plant Decor and Plant Therapy

A Guide to: Home Plant Decor and Plant Therapy

Before we get into Home Plant décor, let’s delve a little into the world of plant therapy and what it can bring to our lives.

In the spirit of taking care of self for the new year, Plant Therapy may be one thing you want to try for 2024...

 Areca Palm


We all know plants can be healing and calming to the soul, but I’ve never really thought of Plant Therapy, especially in the home as a ‘thing’… Its not until scrolling and clicking for daily self-care routines, I happened upon a wealth of information on the benefits of surrounding oneself with plants indoors as well as out.  


Having a Green Oasis in our home and connecting with nature daily without having to go outside, can have such a positive impact, improving our mental and emotional well- being. Plants have the power to reduce anxiety and stress levels, improve concentration, even promote creativity and many will purify the air.  In addition, creating your very own indoor therapeutic garden with beautifully scented Chamomile and Lavender can encourage a calming atmosphere and help us to feel more relaxed but that is not all….


Home Plant Décor

It doesn’t just have to be about the plants… You can use decorative plant pots to dress up your plants adding new texture and colour, affording you lots of opportunities to update your home décor without having to do too much, like changing a whole colour scheme or repainting a room.

 Plant Pots

Choosing your Plant Décor

When selecting the right Decorative Plant Pots for your Plants, here is a few things to keep in mind:

Size – Make sure your plants have enough space to grow and flourish but not too much as this will slow drainage, resulting in your plant suffering from the dreaded root rot. On the flipside, if your Plant Pot is too small for your plant, its growth rate will slow down. Above everything else where size is concerned, your best bet when repotting your plant is to go up in size by 2-3”.

Drainage – If you want a better drainage system for your plants opt for a Pot with a drainage hole. Not every Plant Pot has a drainage hole so instead place some pebbles at the bottom before placing your plant in. Make sure to keep your plants in their original nursery pot.

Location – Here is where choosing the right plant comes into play! Deciding on where to put your plants ties into the type of plant you have. Some plants need to be in a dark room while others thrive in spaces with lots of light or even humid areas such as bathrooms.


Now for the best part…


Styling your Plant Pots

Add dimension and contrast to your space with different shapes and sizes, making it more intriguing and allows you to opt for various plants from Cacti to Areca Palms to Mimosas.

 Plant and Flower Pots of different colours and textures

Playing with textures and colours can open your space up to decorating with on trend colours without breaking the bank. We can be guilty of playing it safe sometimes when it comes to colour schemes in our homes, this is a way for you to add pops of colour and change the aesthetics of any room. Do not be afraid to accessorise your plant and flower pots either. Incorporate a matching storage tray or add more height with a stand to enhance your new Plant Décor.                   

Change the aesthetics in any room

If you prefer texture over colour, plant pots like our Granite Collection are perfect, as they still have a touch of luxe with the sparkle it has from the decorative aggregate. You are also looking after the environment as they are made of an eco- friendly material that gives the look and feel of Granite and let us not forget they are able to be used to decorate outside, so even your Garden can get a makeover.

White Silver Granite Plant Pot
Black Granite Plant Pot in a Round Granite Storage Tray
On the left: our White Silver Granite Plant Pot on a Sulking Room Pink Radiator Cover with Brass picture frame and book. On the right: our Black Granite Plant Pot in our matching Round Granite Storage Tray  

If you are daring enough, bringing differing décor styles together can elevate your home décor to the next level. Pair our Art Deco Plant Pot with our Marble Plant Pot, mixing a classic look with a more modern style.

There are many on the market made of varying materials from Brass to Concrete, environmentally friendly ones too. Our Luxe Homes Plant and Flowerpots are made with Eco-friendly Jesmonite, and we offer an option to add a drainage hole to our Plant Pots too.

If you are a beginner in the world of being a Plant parent, not quite mastered the art of having a green thumb or if you think it will not work for your busy schedule, then fear not…

We have put together a small list of house plants(selected out of many available) to get you started. They are perfect for low maintenance and are easy to take care of.

Thank us later. X


Snake Plants

+ Air Purifying

+ Equipped for long periods of drought

+ Life Expectancy | 15 Years

+ Perfect Placement | Can be placed almost anywhere in the home but avoid   room temperatures below 12° and excessive sunlight during the summer months.

Tropical Cacti

-including Fishbone Cactus and Christmas Cactus

+ Can thrive for decades and grow up to 60 years old

+ Pet- Friendly

+ Easy to propagate

+ Life Expectancy | 30+ Years

+ Perfect Placement | Can be placed anywhere in the home i.e., conservatories,     bookshelves, on the top of kitchen cabinets etc

Jewel Orchids

+ Ideal for dark locations

+ Pet- Friendly

+ Easiest in the Orchid family to maintain

+ Life Expectancy | 8 Years

+ Perfect Placement | Avoid direct sunlight and place in a moist setting i.e.,   Bathroom

Pony Tail Palms

+ Ideal for the forgetful waterer

+ Pet- Friendly

+ Great moisture retention to prepare for droughts, perfect for people who are   away from home i.e., work/holidays.

+ Life Expectancy | 20 years

+ Perfect Placement | In a location that will provide the plant with a few hours a   day of sunlight

Spider Plants

+ Air Purifying

+ Pet Friendly

+ Life Expectancy | 8 years

+ Perfect Placement | on a bookshelf or windowsill

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