A Guide to: Home Fragrance Decor

A Guide to: Home Fragrance and Decor

When we think about fragrances for the home, we think of an arrays of scents that some of us use to lift the mood, or for relaxation, to create a calm atmosphere, set the ambience, aid in sleep and many other reasons.

Home Fragrance

Take Lavender for instance, this sweet yet delicate scent has remained popular for many due to its proven benefits to our mood, mental health and overall productivity.

White Granite Mini Flowerpot with LavenderA bunch of Lavender in our White & Silver Granite Mini Flowerpot 

With its smoky, floral notes and woody tones this soft, herbal aromatic scent will be sure to help you relax, ease anxiety and refresh your home.

Jasmine is another top pick for Home Fragrances, a captivating and soothing scent known for its' floral and fruit notes with a hint of musk. This particular fragrance has been proven to be linked to easing anxiety and reducing stress.

The Anti stress Incense Sticks we include with our Home Fragrance Gift Sets are made from the scent of the Plumeria flowering Plant and is very similar to Jasmine smell-wise. They have been designed to make you feel like your being transported to a Tropical Island, helping to ease your mind and take the load of the day off. You will be filling your home with a sweet and tropical scent with smoky undertones!


While some of us Home Fragrance lovers may want to stick to just one or two scents for the home we have the opportunity to create a different sense of ambience for each space in your home with smell alone...


For your Living Room, it's more of a personal taste thing but with it being one of the rooms we may spend most of our time in consider going for scents that will bring a fresh and clean feeling like Apple, Pomegranate and Sage. Vanilla is a welcoming smell and during particular seasons you are likely to want something that give a real cosy and snug feel, so opt for scents that are blended with Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom

In your Bedroom you may want to go for scents that have calming qualities such as; Rose, Chamomile and Sandalwood. They will assist in having a blissful nights sleep.

The Kitchen will benefit from fragrances that will chase the aromas of cooking away and refresh the air. Scents that are Citrus based are a great option like Lemon, Grapefruit or Orange.

To give us the spa- like experience that we desire in our Bathroom select air freshening scents like Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Rosemary

There are many ways we choose to fill our home with our favourite scents, ranging from using Candles, Incense, Essential Oils and Wax Melts.


What is even better, there are even more ways to elevate your Home Fragrances...


What is Home Fragrance Décor, you ask?

Think Candle Holders, Incense Holders, Diffusers, Oil and Wax burners.
The options are endless!

White and Silver Granite Triple Tealight HoldersSage Green Moon phase Incense Holder
On the left is our White and Silver Granite Triple Tealight Holder. On the right is our Sage Green Moon phase Incense Holder Scent and our Art Deco Flowerpot.

Home Fragrance Décor not only is a fun way to dress up our 'Scent Releasers', they are also functional.

Incense Holders are a favourite here at Luxe Homes by Headley and although they look aesthetically pleasing, we wanted to ensure we created holders that provide function as well as style. While doing research we found that the common issue users found is that some, not all, available on the market, do not catch the ash of the incense. So when putting our collection together this is something that was kept at the forefront of the designs, that we would launch.

When it comes to Home Décor, change is always great every once in a while (or more often if you're anything like us moving around furniture every 4 weeks and changing the colour theme any chance given. Haha)

With platforms like Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok and more, there is a plethora of ideas, tips and tricks that can inspire us to want to change the Décor or Style of our Home for example; Trending colours.


Tea Green Home Fragrance Gift SetMarble Home Fragrance Gift Set
 On the left is our Tea Green Home Fragrance Gift Set. On the right is our Marble Home Fragrance Gift Set They each include a Moon face Incense Holder, Match Holder with Matches and Strike pad, Large Oval Tray and a set of Anti- Stress Incense Sticks 


This is one of the many opportunities to introduce new colours into a space without having to fork out for a new larger piece of furniture or getting a decorator in to change the colour of the walls.

Candles are a popular preference to use, to fragrance your home and are a great addition to places such as a Table Centrepiece, Bedside Table or a Bathroom Shelf. Placing them in Candle Holders can help tie in the mood you are setting for the room, together with your chosen fragrance. It definitely makes a good change from the glass or tin jars they come in!

In Conclusion

Whatever mood you are setting for your home, fragrance can play a big part in affecting the vibe of a space in a positive way. You can go from uplifting your morning in the Kitchen with bursts of Citrus scents to unwinding yourself from a long day with the calming properties of Lavender or Sandalwood.

If its Candles including Tealights, Votive and Taper or Incense you are looking to elevate the look of, we have a collection of Eco- friendly Home Fragrance Décor available in various colours and Textures including Sage Green, Grey Marble and Black Granite.

Art Deco Tealight Holder Set
Art Deco Tealight Holder Set


If you prefer burning your essential oils or using wax melts, there are many options to suit different home interiors, in varying materials like Concrete, Ceramic, Glass, Eco-friendly Jesmonite and the selection of colours they are being made available in, provides you with more choice now than ever before.

Which leads us into our very exciting news...

We will be releasing a new collection of Eco Home Décor in two weeks time and will be giving members of our VIP Text Club exclusive early access, so do not forget to sign up. You will also be gaining access to insider Home Décor Inspo, Product Launches, Discounts and more.

To join our VIP Email List instead, the sign up box can be found anywhere on our website, in the footer (bottom of any page). Just type in your email, then click the arrow and that's it, you are an official insider! Not forgetting you receive 10% off immediately, for your first order.

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